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We are a network of trustees across Canada who created this site to help you learn more about why a Consumer Proposal is the #1 Alternative to bankruptcy in Canada. Only a federally licensed trustee, acting in their capacity as a Consumer Proposal Administrator has the ability to help you with a proposal to your creditors.

Don’t be fooled by sites that offer ‘government’ debt relief programs that do not say they are fully licensed trustees in bankruptcy. These sites can only refer you to a trustee to file a consumer proposal, often for an up-front fee. That is why our members have come together to provide the information available on this site. Our local proposal administrators are all federally licensed trustees, chosen because of their reputation for providing the best quality service in their local communities.

All our administrators offer a free, initial, no-obligation consultation. You don’t need a referral. You don’t pay up front. No pressure. Totally confidential.

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